SPANISH and PORTUGUESE wines are SHOWCASED at the Malaga and Gran Canaria AIRPORTS

#aSharedPassion ♥

This summer, the Spanish and Portuguese Wine Interprofessional Organizations (OIVE and ViniPortugal) continue to hold many events as part of their joint wine promotion program. Specifically, an advertising campaign will be implemented on the digital screens at the Malaga and Gran Canaria airports from July 1 to 31. The information points at said airports will also offer information about wine to the thousands of tourists who pass through.

With this joint program, the two interprofessional organizations aim to use high-traffic airports to reinforce the image of wine as a product of excellence. Additionally, they seek to elevate the competitiveness of the winemaking sector and highlight its tradition in Europe, specifically in Spain and Portugal.

The project, which is part of the #ASharedPassion campaign, hopes to show the public the strength of wine tourism and the winemaking tradition in the two countries. Furthermore, these actions showcase the passion for wine shared by these two countries and highlight their wines’ important quality standards and variety.

The campaign also focuses on responsible consumption in moderation as the only way to consume wine.

This ambitious promotional campaign will last three years and is financed with European funds totaling over two million euros.