Geographical Indication

GEOGRAPHICAL INDICATION of WINES from spain and portugal

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The EU quality policy aims to protect the names of specific products to promote their unique characteristics, which are linked to their geographic origin, as well as traditional knowledge, which is the case with our wines.

Wines, as with all other product names, may receive a “geographical indication” (GI) if they have a specific link to the place where they are made. The recognition of a GI enables consumers to trust in and identify quality products, while helping producers to better market their products. Geographical indications establish intellectual property rights for specific products, such as wines, whose qualities are specifically linked to their production area.

Geographical indications include:

PDO – Protected Designation of Origin

PGI – Protected Geographical Indication

The differences between a PDO and PGI are mainly related to the number of raw materials in the product that must come from the region, or to the part of the production process that must take place in the specific region.