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Wine has been part of European culture and gastronomy for centuries, and it has always been closely linked to the different European territories. And not just because the climate, orography and the grapes grown in each region are unique in the world and determine their excellent quality.

Wines from Spain

Spain is one of the countries with the greatest variety and quality of wines in the world, and this is because of its wide array of grape varieties and terroirs, which make our wines unique.

This richness led the Spanish winemaking sector in 2014 to see the need to join efforts to strengthen the image of our wines in international markets. This is how the Spanish Wine Interprofessional Organisation (OIVE) was born.

Wines from Portugal

Portugal has a large number and variety of high-quality wines that offer an excellent value for the price; this variety is based on the diversity and uniqueness of their grapes and terroirs.

Taken together, this means that today, the international reputation of Portuguese wine is unquestionable. The “Wines of Portugal” brand, created in 2010, is responsible for reinforcing and promoting the excellence of Portuguese wines in various international markets.

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Press Office

Follow all the latest about the wines from Spain and Portugal. Here you’ll find a selection of featured news stories on the Spanish and Portuguese wine sector.

Geographical Indication

The EU quality policy aims to protect the names of specific products to promote their unique characteristics, which are linked to their geographic origin, as well as traditional knowledge, which is the case with our wines.


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